the illuminated corridor

a collision of public art, live music and film
image from photo by Jose Rodriguez, used with permission

call for proposals

artists working in live cinema and music are perpetually and enthusiastically invited to submit proposals for participation in upcoming corridors.

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deadline for submissions
projectionists needed for september 24, 2010

proposal contents
please send email containing the following items to proposals at illuminatedcorridor dot com:

brief description
of proposed work

brief bio/resume
for participating artists

links to audio and visual work

about the corridor
The Illuminated Corridor is next step in outdoor cinema that creates site-specific
illumination of public space,
drawing on local traditions
of film and live music. No two are alike, dependent utterly on who is participating and where they are convening. Typically from 15 to 60 artists participate,
simultaneously projecting directly onto street fixtures and facades while creating live soundscapes. Audiences walk the length of Corridors, among the artists themselves, taking in the work. Corridors take place out of doors, rain or shine using very low amplification and radio simulcast. Admission is never charged. No commerce takes place. People from all walks of life make up the audience.

It can be a difficult environment since the street offers none of the amenities normally needed for traditional cinema. No seats. No tables. No outlets. No etc. The Corridor staff, all experienced arts presenters, hover to make sure critical elements: power, food, and water, are available to every artist, and that the atmosphere of the event is calm and focused on the creative work.

It is always a surprising environment where images and sound enter into unexpected juxtapostiion and artists begin using light and sound to create a spontaneous conversation. This experience cannot be predicted, but it is always transformative in its fashion.

Honoraria are paid to artists for their work, generally a symbolic amount no less than $50, more when commissioning funds are available.

Please take a look at some documentation here and here.

thank you
for considering participation in the illuminated corridor

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